noun - A person who deserts and betrays an organization, country, or set of principles
Adjectivehaving treacherously changed allegiance


The known galaxy consists of four hundred billion stars in an area 100,000 light years across. From that vast number, a billion star systems are inhabited. An estimated one hundred quadrillion sentient beings live within the galaxy. Each one of those beings has a story; it may be known across the stars or to only a few, but it's their story. The story tells of their origins, their life, their beliefs, what they would to for others, what they would do to others, and what burdens they carry with them for eternity.

It's not just the Force that will always be with you.

Welcome to the Renegades

This story takes place during the Galactic Civil War, in the timeframe where the Rebellion is still forming an organized resistance against the New Order of the Galactic Empire. Resistance to the New Order has been fomenting for many years. Across the galaxy, there have been numerous acts of rebellion and dissent that range from peaceful boycotts and labor strikes to violent incidents of sabotage and assassination.

The Empire has called upon "Imperial patriotism" to help bring an end to these rebel cells. They have stepped up recruitment activities in an effort to swell the ranks of the Imperial Armed Forces to combat the growing militant rebels. These recruits are indoctrinated with Imperial Propaganda, taught how to maintain order and suppress the Rebel Threat. They are drilled to have the Empire think for them, and to follow orders without question or hesitation; that they serve the Empire honorably and for the benefit of all Imperial citizens. Most recruits fall into line and accept Imperial doctrine, but there are many who do not buy into the propaganda and who will not blindly follow orders forever.

The Empire isn't the only organization filled with such beings. In the darkened corners of the Outer Rim, outlaws and desperate souls resort to piracy. Some of them prey on others, not out of a sense of might or superiority but because they feel they must. Life in the fringe has forced them to do what is necessary to survive. Even so, within them still lies a spark of morality, one that could be fanned and nurtured away from a life of crime and into one of purpose and fulfillment.  All it takes is one critical moment, one encounter or event that will change their life and their outlook forever.

This story is about a group of free-thinking beings who are given one order too many, asked to sell one too many pieces of their soul. Be they soldier or outlaw, the characters involved in Renegades find themselves at a crossroads and must decide if (or when) conscience and compassion wins out over duty and desperation.

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Star Wars: Renegades

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