Star Wars: Renegades

Imperial Session 1

We were dispatched to stop a pirate raid (Dreadwing Pirates), we did so.  In flight, then on foot on board.  We then returned to our ships, and were ordered to blow up the two freighters, due to no time for trial or transport as we had to visit "Colamar" due to concerns and potential riots. BOLO is mocked. Then we were given special credit for our efforts vs pirates (bitter sweet there) while on Colamar.

Recent protests suspected to turn possibly, maybe, one day violent.  Dinner party, information gathered.  Banks meets with Daskar Kels. Bolo is mocked with photos.


Podium, greeted with Rocket Launchers.  No longer possibility of violence, speederbikes give chase, also with rocket launchers.  Triple took to the skies in the one non exploded tie.  We take APC, and politicians. Councilman Fant is acting funny, freaked out and useless.  Councilwoman Narasene is same.  Get in Shuttle, launch, Z95's give chase, they shoot down Triple, he parachutes out (GI JOE!).  Tie Interceptors break chase, escort us back.  


Debriefed, sort of, Tarrenbash is more interested in 5K-T5's recordings.



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