Star Wars: Renegades

Shore Leave

Imperial Session 2

Banks, Convict and Overkill have shore leave so are wandering Gold Sea City looking for some good eats, and information on the demeanor of the locals. They come across a squad of Stormtroopers lining up a group of locals for a random search. The stormtroopers brusquely demand ID from the pilots, Overkill returns the attitude demanding ID from the squad leader. The pilots stand by as the search is conducted, contraband is found on one person, and a second makes a break for it.  The pilots bark orders to the stormtroopers to utilize stun settings, and they do. There is a brief interrogation before the two prisoners are carted off and the pilot’s search for food resumed.

They find a restaurant that had been recommended, but it is full of off duty Imps and tense staff and it’s decided to find lunch elsewhere. They explore a open air marketplace, talk to troopers on duty and settle in at a local caf stand. The non-humans that run it are nervous about Imps walking in, but Overkill talks about familiar things from growing up on Colamar with them to ease them and the pilots get a good gauge on what local feelings are like; seems the Empire is gentrifying non-humans and non-rich further out of the cities. Understandably, much of the populace isn’t feeling very good about this.

Setting out to explore more of the city, the squadronmates hear an altercation and upon investigation find a hijacking of an Imperial supply transport in process. The hijackers fire on us, so the fight is joined. Banks nabs a de-piloted swoop and gives chase to the stolen transport while Convict and Overkill mop up the rest of the hijackers. Eventually banks gets the better of the transport and wounds the driver pretty fiercely causing a crash. She has a conversation with the only survivor, expressing sympathy for their cause and that we wouldn’t have engaged if we didn’t have to. She allows the rebels to keep the stolen provisions and heads back to join the others.

An alarm comes in from the flight base and the pilots have to rush back and get airborne. Rebel fighters incoming. The 53rd engages, and the rebels begin bombing residential areas. Highly suspect. Significant damage is done. We manage to shoot down the attackers, but not before banks is shot down as well. She manages to eject, but we can’t get to her in a fighter so have to land.

While Convict and Overkill are recovering banks, we see a hurt child calling for help, and reflexively follow him into an alley and get ambushed by rebels. We’re bagged and dragged to a “talk”. Banks actions have caused much curiosity with the rebels. Offers are made. Banks is ready to defect, but can’t because of circumstances. Convict and Overkill both have reasons to not defect, but won’t interfere. The pilots are released.

We have a swoop race to prep for.



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