Star Wars: Renegades

Session Zero
The Rules of the Campaign

Renegades is a Star Wars story that takes place during the Galactic Civil War era and the Rebellion Against the Empire. The campaign will start a few years before the Battle of Yavin, during a time somewhat parallel to the Rebels cartoon.  The characters will be starting from a variety of perspectives and walks of life, but will eventually come together to join the Rebel Alliance and create a new fighter squadron to launch attacks against the Empire

Creation Rules

There are a few extra rules as well as a few requirements to character creation.

  • Since every character will eventually become a member of a fighter squadron, all characters will need to be passable pilots. Every character must begin play with a Specialization that grants Piloting (Space) as a career skill.

    • To assist with this requirement, all characters will receive a bonus of 30xp to be applied after character creation (meaning you can't spend this 30 XP on buying up Characteristics; only Skill Ranks, Talents, Specializations, and Force Powers).
    • All characters must have at least 1 Rank in the Piloting (Space) skill.

      • It is also recommended that you have the Gunnery skill, or a decent Agility to compensate but that is not required
  • Imperial characters will start with Age of Rebellion or Force and Destiny careers, and will start with Duty scores.
  • Clan Xesh Pirate members will start with Edge of the Empire or Force and Destiny careers, and will start with Obligation scores.
  • Each character will have an Obligation, something that hangs over your character's head that keeps them involved with the Empire or with the Clan Xesh Pirates.  Some suggestions are as follows:

    • A spouse or beloved family member who's also a member of the organization
    • Pressed into service/conscription as a condition of punishment for some other crime; leaving the service would result in the criminal charges being reinstated and a bounty placed on your character's head
    • A strong sense of duty and patriotism to the citizens of the Empire
    • A family member or holding that needs an influx of credits to maintain (a sick child/parent with a chronic illness that's expensive to treat, or a homestead that a bank is attempting to repossess that would leave the character's family destitute and homeless)
    • Additional ideas can be worked out with the GM, but should be something along these lines.
  • The intent of the game is to have the PCs eventually leave the Empire and the Clan Xesh Pirates and join the Rebels. There will be incentives to stick with the original organization as long as possible for a variety of reasons (intel, equipment, wealth, etc), but doing so could have more dire consequences for when the players do defect.

    • Imperial Characters will be limited in Species choices; humans and human-looking races only (chiss, mirialan, pantoran, arkanian, additional races on a GM approval basis)
  • There will be 3 PCs from the Empire, and 3 PCs from the pirate fringe.

    • Sessions will be run separately until all PCs have joined the Rebels, at which time the group will come together to form the new SpecForce Fighter Squadron.

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