Star Wars: Renegades

The Jewel of Cona
Clan Xesh Session 1

Lying in Wait

The Greymalkin lies in wait in the ice chunks of a planet, Tabistal 7, near a blue super giant star. Gravitation anomalies make it hard for smaller ships to come through in hyperspace, but it's a great shortcut that saves a day of travel by hyperlanes. Some consider it worth the risk of piracy.

Most of the Clan is on board the Greymalkin.  Stargazer, Killjoy, and Gremlin are piloting the Clans three starfighters.

An Imperial Gozanti Armored Transport arrives. Captain Winters confirms that it's carrying the cargo we're waiting for, the Jewel of Kona, and orders us to engage. The transport has 4 TIE fighter escorts, which are left to the starfighters to handle.

TIEs close to Medium range. Stargazer and Gremlin close and Gain Advantage, moving behind their targets. Greymalkin advances and fires on the Gozanti Transport. Killjoy fires but misses at one of the engaged TIEs.

The TIEs break away from Stargazer and Gremlin, but stop evasive maneuvers.  Gremlin and Stargazer fire and both take out their targets.  The remaining TIEs Gain Advantage over Gremlin and Stargazer, and move into their blindspots.  Greymalkin moves into Short range of the Gozanti, fire between both continue.  Killjoy moves into the dogfight and destroys the TIE on Stargazer.

Killjoy takes out the TIE on Gremlin.

Stargazer remembers the Jewel of Cona comes from the planet Thyre's religion that has lasted for millennia.  It’s a mantle worn by highest of religious order, Tassa’Cona.  He gets a feeling that the mantle is on this transport.

Winters orders the fighters to attack the Transport.  Gremlin closes and fires torpedoes, taking out the engines.

The Imperial Transport opens fire on Gremlin with side quad lasers, hitting.  It also fires a torpedo into the Greymalkin.  Stargazer fires torpedoes at the Transport, giving it power fluxuations.  Greymalkin moves to flank the Transport.  Gremlin moves past the Transport, moving next to Greymalkin, and repairs his ship.

The Imperials fires both broadsides, Greymalkin on starboard, and both fighters on port, doing minimal damage.  Gremlin fires a torpedo and the Imperials start to drift, loosing target locks.

Winters orders everyone to the boarding shute and moves to dock.  A lifepod ejects, carrying one living Thyresian.  Stargazer grabs the beacon and trajectory to track it later.  Winters orders us to board and flank the interior resistance.

Boarding action

The fighters dock with the dorsal of the Imperial Transport and climb up the entry ports.  Killjoy and Gremlin on starboard, Stargazer on port.  They hear blaster fire towards the aft.

Eighteen Stormtroopers are firing at the pirates boarding from the Greymalkin.  Gremlin and Killjoy move through the halls finding themselves in a storage room.  Bulkhead, Blaster, Ravage, moves in on the Stormtrooper formation.  Pazzak takes a shooting position behind cover.  Stargazer sneaks up to a control room by the bridge and slices through the Theta level clearance to gain entry, tripping an alert in the process.  A trio of Stormtroopers move to investigate the alarm, and shoot Stargazer.

Broken takes a hit and goes down.  Stargazer shuts the door on the Stormtroopers and then vents the docking hatch beneath them, one gets sucked out, hitting the manual override on his way out.  Killjoy snipes at the back of some troopers from behind a computer console, taking out two.  Bulkhead tosses Broken behind him.  Gremlin covers Killjoy, taking out a trooper.

Ship power stabilizes and comes back online.  Troopers fire at Gremlin and Killjoy, missing.  Killjoy takes out another 2 troopers.  Gremlin takes out the last one in the corner.  Bulkhead grabs 2 troopers by the helmets and cracks them together, dropping them.  Blaster flies over the Troopers and shoots them in the back.  Ravage cuts her way through one group, Pazzak treats Broken, Winters arrives on the scene.  Trooper Sgt enters the code for the control room door, but Stargazer shimmies through an air duct before they can come in.  The troopers lob a grenade in after him, knocking him out.  Gremlin rolls up behind the Lt, and kills him.

Troopers move to guard the control room, and confirm Stargazer's condition.  Gremlin moves to check on Stargazer, and hits the trooper.  Ravage and Winters take out a squad, Bulkhead and Blaster take out the last of them.  The large doors to the bridge slam shut.

Troopers in the control room take cover and return fire at Gremlin.  Gremlin kills one trooper, Killjoy takes out the other.  Pirates advance on the doors to the bridge.

Gremlin moves to the control room and opens the large doors, revealing a Trooper Sergeant with a light repeating blaster.  Killjoy shoots the Sergeant, distracting him.  Blaster flies into the bridge, and shoots Sergeant in the back.

Sergeant returns the favor to Blaster, stunning him.  An officer shoots Blaster.  Gremlin goes through the air duct and stim’s Stargazer back to consciousness.  Pirates advance on the bridge, while Blaster flies out of the hot zone.  Stargazer comes around the corner and shoots an officer dead.  The officer calls for a surrender, and Winters knocks him out.

Bittersweet Victory

The survivors are brought down to the brig.  After some medical treatment to each other, we start looking for cargo manifests and access to the captain’s quarters.  There is no mention of the Jewel of Cona.  Lots of medical supplies, weapons, munitions, surplus.  Pretty good haul, but not what we're after.  The passenger lists a Tassa’Cona.  Winters orders Stargazer, Killjoy, and Gremlin to go planet-side, find him, and take the jewel or kill him to take the jewel.  We gain some gear upgrades and medical supplies, and head for our ships.

Planet-side Pursuit

The three of us head to the planet following the escape pod beacon.  It’s in a rocky barren plain, rocky mountains to the North, rolling hills to South and West.  Stargazer finds tracks heading North.  We follow them North into the mountain and find a series of caves.  After some work, we find the tracks and follow them deeper in.  The area is warm and humid, ceiling is dripping moisture.  When some six legged badger-like creatures ambush us.

They knock us around and try to get on top of us.  Some quick moving and teamwork kills the critters quickly.  Just in time for three more to come around the corner.  What the critters don't see, is a large worm emerges behind them, and devours one of them immediately.

We run.  The worm finishes off the creatures and comes after us.  It closes from Long to Short.

Gremlin shoots the worm, giving it something to remember him by, and sprints to Medium.  Stargazer tries to figure out how the badgers hide from the worm, but can’t concentrate.  Killjoy shoots but it bounces off its hide.  The worm gets caught in a tight tunnel and can't advance.

As we come to a section of open cave with a bubbling pond in it.  We run along a small ledge, but the worm climbs on the wall to avoid the “water.”  Stargazer shoots the worm, taking out a tentacle and sprints to Medium.  Killjoy misses the worm while it’s climbing on the wall.  Gremlin tries to shoot the same spot on the worm as before, but misses.  Killjoy lags behind at the shoreline.

Killjoy stops at the edge of the pond, and entices the worm to come at him.  The worm charges, knocking Killjoy into the boiling water with it.  Killjoy is scalded, but jumps out quickly.  The worm struggles to back out of the water, and we clear out while it does.

The Jewel of cona

When we slow down, Stargazer looks around and “finds some more tracks”.  Eventually we come across an area with light flashing, we hear voices talking, and identify a protocol droid.  Coming around the corner we see an Imperial protocol droid (VT30) and a child in green robes.  The child is the Tasse’cona.

Sect of Cona, also called the Dacona Consortium, has a belief involving the Force within others.  Many followers have had crisis of faith and strained devotion.  Tasse’cona is highest ranking of Consortium, 62 of them in history.  They are reincarnated and prove themselves through a specific testing process.  Last known was assassinated 10 years ago by Valacona, radical group, during peace talks with the Empire .  This child was found and spirited away until it was safe to return and heal the damage of his people. 

We reach the ships and call in the situation.  Needless to say, Winters is displeased.  We head back to the Greymalkin.  We escort the prisoners to the brig, and the child sits meditatively.  We discuss options with the Captain and crew.  Stargazer butts heads with the Captain a little about how they could use the child to fight the Empire.  Eventually Detonite heads to the guns to destroy the Transport (with the Imperial crew still in it).

We head to the shadowport, Kla Sado, to unload some of our spoils.  We each get 2000 credits for our share.

Imperial Session 1

We were dispatched to stop a pirate raid (Dreadwing Pirates), we did so.  In flight, then on foot on board.  We then returned to our ships, and were ordered to blow up the two freighters, due to no time for trial or transport as we had to visit "Colamar" due to concerns and potential riots. BOLO is mocked. Then we were given special credit for our efforts vs pirates (bitter sweet there) while on Colamar.

Recent protests suspected to turn possibly, maybe, one day violent.  Dinner party, information gathered.  Banks meets with Daskar Kels. Bolo is mocked with photos.


Podium, greeted with Rocket Launchers.  No longer possibility of violence, speederbikes give chase, also with rocket launchers.  Triple took to the skies in the one non exploded tie.  We take APC, and politicians. Councilman Fant is acting funny, freaked out and useless.  Councilwoman Narasene is same.  Get in Shuttle, launch, Z95's give chase, they shoot down Triple, he parachutes out (GI JOE!).  Tie Interceptors break chase, escort us back.  


Debriefed, sort of, Tarrenbash is more interested in 5K-T5's recordings.

Session Zero
The Rules of the Campaign

Renegades is a Star Wars story that takes place during the Galactic Civil War era and the Rebellion Against the Empire. The campaign will start a few years before the Battle of Yavin, during a time somewhat parallel to the Rebels cartoon.  The characters will be starting from a variety of perspectives and walks of life, but will eventually come together to join the Rebel Alliance and create a new fighter squadron to launch attacks against the Empire

Creation Rules

There are a few extra rules as well as a few requirements to character creation.

  • Since every character will eventually become a member of a fighter squadron, all characters will need to be passable pilots. Every character must begin play with a Specialization that grants Piloting (Space) as a career skill.

    • To assist with this requirement, all characters will receive a bonus of 30xp to be applied after character creation (meaning you can't spend this 30 XP on buying up Characteristics; only Skill Ranks, Talents, Specializations, and Force Powers).
    • All characters must have at least 1 Rank in the Piloting (Space) skill.

      • It is also recommended that you have the Gunnery skill, or a decent Agility to compensate but that is not required
  • Imperial characters will start with Age of Rebellion or Force and Destiny careers, and will start with Duty scores.
  • Clan Xesh Pirate members will start with Edge of the Empire or Force and Destiny careers, and will start with Obligation scores.
  • Each character will have an Obligation, something that hangs over your character's head that keeps them involved with the Empire or with the Clan Xesh Pirates.  Some suggestions are as follows:

    • A spouse or beloved family member who's also a member of the organization
    • Pressed into service/conscription as a condition of punishment for some other crime; leaving the service would result in the criminal charges being reinstated and a bounty placed on your character's head
    • A strong sense of duty and patriotism to the citizens of the Empire
    • A family member or holding that needs an influx of credits to maintain (a sick child/parent with a chronic illness that's expensive to treat, or a homestead that a bank is attempting to repossess that would leave the character's family destitute and homeless)
    • Additional ideas can be worked out with the GM, but should be something along these lines.
  • The intent of the game is to have the PCs eventually leave the Empire and the Clan Xesh Pirates and join the Rebels. There will be incentives to stick with the original organization as long as possible for a variety of reasons (intel, equipment, wealth, etc), but doing so could have more dire consequences for when the players do defect.

    • Imperial Characters will be limited in Species choices; humans and human-looking races only (chiss, mirialan, pantoran, arkanian, additional races on a GM approval basis)
  • There will be 3 PCs from the Empire, and 3 PCs from the pirate fringe.

    • Sessions will be run separately until all PCs have joined the Rebels, at which time the group will come together to form the new SpecForce Fighter Squadron.

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