Clan Xesh Pirates

Leader: Wyre Winters

Notable Members:

A small, yet successful pirate band, the Xesh Pirate Clan is a group of skilled criminals that prey upon isolated ships in the spacelanes within the Tantra Sector. The Xesh typically prowl around in their C-ROC class freighter Graymalkin, looking for isolated ships with few to no escorts. They strike fast, disable the target, and expertly board the ship to haul off it's cargo. The Xesh are a brutal bunch who do not take kindly to resistance, crushing it swiftly when encountered. This has led to several deaths among the Xesh's victims, and is starting to earn the pirate group a notorious reputation as well as a growing bounty.

Recently, the pirates have added a small flight of starfighters to it's regimen. This is a dangerous development for the pirates, allowing them to consider attacking more valuable (and better defended) targets.

Clan Xesh Pirates

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