Kla Sado

Astronavigation Data: Sado System, Tantra Sector, Outer Rim Region

Orbital Metrics: 480 days per year, 16 hours per day

Government: Anarchy

Population: 2,885 (56% human, 44% others)

Languages: Basic, Huttese

Terrain: jungle archipelagos, volcanoes, polar caps

Major Cities: Standown (shadowport)

Areas of Interest: Gimy's Bazaar,  Brawler's Bay, Slice Beach, Marganave's Respite

Major Exports: tourism, stolen goods

Major Imports: stolen goods

Trade Routes: Secret

Kla Sado is one of the most coveted secrets in the Tantra Sector, and even further beyond. The planet has been a haven for pirates, smugglers, and various other criminals in the Outer Rim for centuries.

The appeal of Kla Sado centers around the remains of a rusted out frigate; the Marganave. Hundreds of years before, the pirate captain Polvar the Butcher ended a fifty seven year career of piracy by retiring with his ship and fortune to Kla Sado. The pirate had been using Kla Sado as a place to lie low between raids for years, and grew fond of one island in particular. When he retired. he landed his ship on the beach of the island and lived there until his death several years later. Most of his crew left his employ before Polvar arrived at Kla Sado, but several crew members remained to enjoy the comfortable island life with their former captain.

After Polvar passed away, his crew decided that the captain had the right idea and used their spoils to turn the island into a notorious shadowport. They spread word throughout the Underworld that there was a new location where smugglers, pirates, and various shady individuals could go to lie low or simply take a break from the hazards of the criminal life. The location of Kla Sado was to be kept secret, shared only between trusted criminals. Many recognized the necessity for such a place, and Kla Sado's appeal and reputation made those who visited the island planet want to keep it a secret.

Over the years, many have come to the island of Standown and remained, providing a variety of services for those visiting the shadowport. Marganave's Respite is the most famous location; Polvar's former raider has been remodeled into a permanent habitat and converted into a relatively luxurious hotel. The cargo bay has been turned into a sprawling casino and restaurant, while the rest of the ship has been converted into a variety of cabins, suites, and hostels. Up the beach from the Respite is Brawler's Bay, a stretch of cantinas and spice dens arrayed around an inland cove. In spite of the name, encountering an actual fight is rare. This is because most establishments in Standown take a dim view on violence between guests of the island. Those involved in any physical altercations are usually stunned into unconsciousness by local enforcers and exiled to their ships, or occasionally taken into the jungle and left to the local predatory animals to devour.

In the other direction from the Respite is Slice Beach. This is a truly peaceful place on the island, with a series of huts built in and around a scythe-shaped stretch of grey-blue sand. Most pirates who are truly looking to lie low for a while and who aren't interested in spending their ill gotten gains on spice and dancers can be found here. The unspoken rule of the Slice is "mind your business"; anyone on the beach is there for privacy.

Further inland from the beach lies Standown Row; a street lined with a series of flophouses, food establishments, and rented rooms serving as clubhouses or offices for the town's more permanent residents. At the end of Standown Row is the base of a long dormant volcano which houses Gimy's Bazaar. The Bazaar is a black marketers' dream, built into the hollowed out mountain are a series of metal catwalks, buildings, and shanties selling all manner of goods. Open at all hours, the Bazaar is managed by Wilak Gimy; a chevin and the fifth member of the Gimy family to run the black market on Kla Sado. There is a chance to find practically anything at the Bazaar; from spices and poisons to stolen electronics to rare ancient artifacts. There's even a starship modification shop in the volcano's upper rim set up on a series of platforms. A trio of verpine technicians lead a modest sized technical crew called Hivemind Modifications. They can handle any starship up to corvette sized within their shop's landing pads, and have even worked on larger ships if they are able to land on an isolated stretch of coastline near by.


Kla Sado

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