Star Wars: Renegades

An Evening at the Ball
not for charity or fancy dress

Colonel Abernath introduces herself to the squadron after they return from Albinine. Dev is about to protest, but Commander Vial motions to let it go. After Abernath leaves, Vial calls the squadron to a quick meeting. Abernath is a temporary posting because the Rebel Alliance doesn’t fully trust the former Imperials yet; they are afraid of double agents. Therefore we get Colonel Abernath until we prove ourselves. The Renegades are given their new fighter and wingman assignments.

Shortly afterward, as the squadron is going about various tasks on the flight deck, aside from Loran who has caught himself some sort of Duros flu, the Greymalkin docks and begins unloading supplies. As she disembarks, Ravage passes Li’shan, who was quietly going about her work, and shoves her down. Loverboy seems willing to let it slide, but Dev calls Ravage out. They jaw at each other, threats escalating until Ravage’s stance shifts to attack; Slick is faster though, he draws and shoves his blaster into Ravage’s sternum. She walks off, pride bruised. We are admonished to never draw blasters on the flight deck unless we intend to kill someone. So Noted. The Renegades are then called to report for a mission briefing. 

Several of the Renegades are being sent to Tantra to steal an Imperial Logistics database looking for info on Operation Stalwart. A gala being held at Moff Zyre’s palace in Tantra-shi (the capital city) to celebrate the anniversary of the Imperial annexation of the sector will be the opportunity to sneak in among the crowds. The plan is to fly in using our fighters then have the astromechs pilot them to wait in open space nearby for an extraction signal. The drop off goes without any problems. Approaching Tantra-shi, the Imperial palace is a large mushroom-shaped building (compensation anyone?) with guests already streaming in on foot and by shuttle. There are landing pads attached to some of the building’s upper levels. First stop is a public works building, where we bullshit our way into acquiring a sewer map with a story about having to fix some plumbing clogged because of a Gamorrean with digestive issues before things begin to get unpleasant for the gala guests.

The squad makes our way through the sewers to a locked sewer access hatch to the palace and we cut our way in. We quickly find an electronics junction and use it to locate the logistics hub. As we move down the corridors toward the hub, Mayhem sets bundles of explosives on triggers to slow down any patrols that come our way. The Squad gets to the Hub and eliminates the guards  in a quick firefight. Slick breaks through the lock, but sets off an alarm; Mayhem manages to re-route the alarm so it appears to be somewhere else in the building. Mayhem then slices his way into the database, but sets off another alert. A group of guards respond, so Dev sets off the first boomquet as they get in range. The explosion takes out all the troopers, only the commander is left standing but he is immediately shot down.

Mayhem and 5K have managed to get all the data we’re looking for, so we set off an ion grenade in the hub to fry the mainframe while we make an escape. Slick gathers code cylinders and access cards from the dead guards and the squad loads into a turbolift headed for a floor with attached landing pads. When we reach the floor, we send the elevator back down the shaft with  large boomquet for anyone trying to follow us. We break into one of the offices that has a private landing pad. The walls are lined with shelves of odd objects and artifacts. Loverboy is transfixed by a cylinder on one of the shelves. Dev recognizes it as his mother’s lightsaber so runs over and grabs it.

The door opens again and in strides an armored and masked Inquisitor, who ignites a red lightsaber and challenges Dev “That doesn’t belong to you.” Dev guesses correctly that the Inquisitor is his younger brother Pavik, and the two shout at each other. Soon enough a fairly desperate brawl breaks out. Blaster bolts are reflected, people and furniture are force thrown around the room, Slick is wounded pretty severely, stormtroopers are on the bad side of an explosion, the lightsaber changes hands several times, and Loverboy is taken over by an ancestor and begins Force tossing the Inquisitor around! Niamh manages to get the Inquisitor’s shuttle going and during the confusion all the Renegades get on board and Niam takes off. The extraction signal is sent for our fighters. Niamh easily ditches pursuit, the Renegades land blow the Inquisitors shuttle the hell up and make their escape.

When the squadron gets back to base, 5Ks footage of the encounter with the Inquisitor is shown as a debrief. From the stolen database we learn that Siklone is the empire’s leading scientist on Genetics and Bioengineering and has Red 10 access (usually reserved for ship commanders), Camp 8826 is on KyreDuin and isa crystal mining operation, and to access any of the info on Operation Stalwart requires Red 14 access (Moff level). We’ll have to get slicing on that. The Renegades head to  the medbay to get patched up and give Loran the download as well as discuss the “Jedi” abilities Niamh and Loverboy have displayed. Dev has Niamh keep the lightsaber, since she seems to be able to learn things from items, so maybe she can figure out how to put it to use.

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Beware the Tooftoof my son
Renegades Session 2: Albinine Continued

After working with Zuz and The Grid to find a secret Imperial operation where transports have been noticed docking instead of the major cities. We want a speeder and some cold weather gear.

We brainstorm on the local underworld, and figure there’s some good smuggling of drugs. About an hour later, Cy-rus finds a supplier for stimulant spice, a Pantoran alien, named Viam Nargo, working out of a supply shop by the landing field, and an enthusiasm for speeders. We head to the shop, he recognizes Niam at once. He warns of us of rampaging Tooftoof. Niam tells him that she “dropped her government sponsorship.” We discuss setting up an underground racing league, with Niam as a well known racer to draw interest. We want a speeder to scout locations. Coastline areas may annoy nearby villages and fisheries on ocean, which may get Imps looking too close. Further up has more risk of Tooftoof territory. He offers us 500 credit deposit to choose a speeder. He gives us some locations of

The mechanics check them out, and find one they like; slow, ungainly, but lots of space and tough. They work on it a little to increase the speed, but compromise the system strain in the process.

We hop in the speeder, Niam at the wheel, and Loran navigates, pointing in a likely direction. It takes us about an hour to get off the grid, and we come over a crest to find another village, but there’s no visible people. No boats in harbor, facilities for 5-6 boats. Some landspeeders. Lights on. Buildings look generations old. No life signs, no tracks since last snow storm. No basements in any of the buildings. Ylnic scans the area and heads up to a building with a discoloration on the front door, blood stain. The rest of us go door to door looking for evidence. The sleeping quarters all look in disarray, maybe 1-2 weeks ago. Computer tells us the last power drain was 9 days, 6 hours, 45 seconds ago. About 90 beds of all sizes.

Ylnic picks up something out in the harbor in EM spectrum, finding 5 vehicles under the water, with dying power supplies. He finds a boat and fixes it to get us out on the water.

We find some underwater gear and V’nton dives down. There’s a fishing speeder with noone on board, small arms fire along the hull, concentrated fire. V’nton gets closer, and a large shadow of a huge fish swims over him, eyeing him as it’s next meal. V’nton finds a locker with a harpoon launcher, loads it, and (1 Conflict) fires, scaring it off into the dark. Second boat looks like it was hit by some larger weapons. Still no signs of bodies.

Town hall has a comm station that we sort through the log. There was a transmission sent from here. Station was used, chair knocked over.

We find a stuffed animal, Niam gets an image of a child getting pulled by a parent through a common room, shouts and screams from outside. Fear. Confusion. Child is pushed into a shed, with other children. Someone is repeating something upstairs. Anguish. “It’s not sending.” Footfalls upstairs, electric voice issues orders. Surrender. Trap door opens revealing a Stormtrooper that orders them to come with him. She refuses, and he pulls her hour. Y’lnic and Loran feel something heavy around her.

We get back into the speeder and start a search pattern up the coastline. We hear a discordant roar off to the East. A giant beast with 4 tusks and 4 eyes, 8 meters, 3-4 tons, 8 legs. It charges. Niam cranks us from Speed 1 to 4. Unfortunately, the Tooftoof gains on us. Ylnic opens fire, doing no damage but slowing it a little. Dev repairs the speeder, giving it a boost of speed. Cy-rus finds a hidden stash of some slippery fluid, he flings the barrels out the hatch, dousing himself in the process. Niam and Loran hit the throttle and zig zag out of it’s reach.

Callsigns Gained
Cy-rus: Slick
V’ntorn: Loverboy

About 1K klicks out of Gridmark city. We find another village at nightfall. Lights on, boats, tracks, lifesigns. We find a pup/repair shop of sorts. We’re greeted by the owner, ask for some beds for the night. 10 credits each for the night, 3 for a meal. Next morning, Cy-rus asks around about a borealis effect from the time of the other villages attack. The locals talk about Imperial transport ships going East / West along the coastline. Started about a month ago.

We head inland and westward. Around noon, we hear something from the sky, an Imperial Transport, coming in low and slow heading North, orbiting the village about 100K out. We loop back along its orbit route.

Late afternoon, we find another village at the tip of a cove. No life signs, no boats, but fresh tracks about 1-2 days old. High foot traffic to location 200 meters outside of town where there are 6 landing skids, and they disappear into a ramp. Silhouette matches the ship we saw overhead. Niam’s droid 5K records everything. Ylnic’s scans turns up a faint lifesign in a basement, something collapsed over the entrance. We find a woman freezing, bruised, signs of trying to escape. Dev starts treating he for hypothermia, Ylnic adjusts the generator to vent heat into the room. We get her to the speeder. We plot a course back to the previous village and make it there just before midnight. The survivor sleeps, occasionally muttering “Stormtrooper.”

We kill the lights and scan the area. There’s a platoon of Troopers throughout the village. A transport has landed just outside the village. Officer is overseeing near the transport. Villagers are being brought up to the Officer, who scans them. Most are brought to the right, one teen is brought to the left. Loran and Cy-rus decrypt comms and start listening and recording. So far 2 likely candidates. Some resistance, harpoon to a Trooper. Niam doesn’t recognize him, but pegs him as a Major. Scanning is only for young adults, 18-30. Sorted Left is in the minority, all going into the ship.

Ylnick and Niam sneak over to the docks to set up a distraction explosion. The rest of us head for the transport, not so sneaky. Just as the troopers turn to face us, the bomb goes off blowing up a building. Troopers are knocked down, 2 are taken out.

The Major runs into the ship. Snowtroopers wound Loran. Commander barks orders, and troopers move up to medium range, then shoots V’ntorn. Cy-rus (unseen) heads up the ramp and throws the Major back out the ramp. V’ntorin gets up the ramp and stimpacks. Ylnic shoots the commander trooper. Heavy Trooper misses Ylnic. Loran opens fire killing the Commander and a Snowtrooper, wounding the Heavy Trooper, and he reloads. Dev kills the Heavy, and scoops up the scanner dropped by the Major. Niam tries to slink back into the shadows. Stormtroopers shoot Niam, but their villager group breaks free. Stormtroopers miss Niam. Stormtroopers shoot Loran. Stormtroopers shoot V’nton. Stormtrooper shoot Loran.

Major gets up, and tries to recover the scanner, wrestling with Dev. Snowtrooper drops Loran. Cy-rus drops the Snowtrooper. V’nton calls out to the villagers to run. Ylnic takes out a group of troopers, and all the villagers break away from their escorts. Troopers shoot Ylnic, and damage his gun. Troopers drop V’nton on top of Loran. Dev breaks away from the Major and shoots him, making him drop the scanner. Loran sqirms out from under V’nton, stimpacking him, and misses the Troopers, the Major bungles the catch, the scanner ends up in Dev’s hands. A Trooper inside the transport misses Cy-rus.

Major shoots Dev twice and moves up the ramp. Cy-rus drops the Major. Ylnic drops the Troopers nearest to the Transport. Niam drops a Trooper. Trooper miss Niam. Trooper miss Ylnic. Loran takes out a Trooper and stands up. V’nton gets up and gets on the Transport, dropping a Trooper.

The ramp closes and the engines fire up. Dev opens the ramp back up. Loran runs onto the Transport. Ylnic takes out the last Trooper on the ground. We head for the bridge and tell the techs to put the ship down. A pilot spins the control and knocks everyone prone. Dev drops the two techs guarding the door. Cy-rus drops a pilot. Loran heads to the command station and takes over the controls. The pilot surrenders.

Loran sets the Transport back down and opens the ramp. We start taking inventory. No troopers, and about 24 villagers in various states of health. The selected villagers are in smaller rooms. Dev tries the scanner on them, it has a template with a genetic range on it and physical characteristics. We start treating the wounded, looking for a leader (the innkeeper), and checking comm logs.

Comm and Nav logs: several destinations on planet, or hyperspace coordinates in-sector but not inhabited system. Code cylinders, access to facilities in the Sector, Director Bayard Siklone about Operation Stalwart. Subjects are to be brought to Stalwart Research Facility, subjects not viable brought to Camp 8862.

Inventory: 2 months supplies, reloads, for a platoon. Villagers are stripping Stormtroopers of arms and armor. We recruit a few villagers into the Rebellion.

Village name: Pshab.

We take several survivors to the city in the transport. We destroy the transponder to fly silent,

We offload data and interviews with Zidasho and Tidali to The Grid. We boost their comms to get a larger area (Despair noted).

We head back to Rebellion HQ. There we see a number of X-wing fighters, one is a black and white. Commander Vial and a stern woman in her late 40’s in a pilot suit. Major Ayers falls in behind the pilot. Colonel Abernath introduces herself as new squad commander.

Test Flight


The Imperials are escorting a Gyzanti Cruiser to the Colamar System. Niam, Cy-rus, Dev, and Jovus are flying escort in 2 TIE Fighters and 2 TIE Bombers.

The Greymalkin enters the area and launches 3 A-Wing fighters. Loran, V’nton, and Ylnic are told to take out the TIEs while the Greymalkin goes after the cruiser.

The TIEs leap to the offensive, Dev and Jovus make a bombing run at the Greymalkin doing some damage. The Greymalkin returns fire, disabling Dev’s Bomber. Niam and Cy-rus make attack runs on the A-Wings. Ylnic strafes Jovus, taking him out. Loran begrudgingly follows orders and takes out the disabled Dev before he can make repairs. Cy-rus goes off mission and takes a shot at the Greymalkin. Niam breaks off from V’nton to come in on Lorans flank, and takes out the A-wing. V’nton takes advantage of the distraction and takes out Niam. Cy-rus takes out V’nton. Ylnic disables Cy-rus.

The Greymalkin manages to break away from the dogfighting, but barely manages to engage the Cruiser.

End of Simulation

At this point, the canopies open, and our simulation ends. Major Ayers tells us to head to the mission room to debrief. Dev and Loran quickly stop their efforts to gimmick the simulators.

Ayers goes through the mission with the Renegades team. He makes sure to scold Cy-rus for going off mission, but has to admit that the damage done was enough to tip the scales that it was unlikely for the Greymalkin to withstand the engagement with the Cruiser. We’re also reminded that our previous call signs are gone. We need to come up with new ones for each other.

We’re currently on a moon of Colamar, named Kazak. It has a CO2 atmosphere. We’re up to 9 starfighters, which isn’t enough for a full squad.

Command wants us to do some recon into recruiting potential. The Albinine system seems a good place to start. A tundra world with fishing and mining resources. 65% of the world is ocean, there are about 3 major cities. Tribal culture with close knit communities. Population is Human, Quarren, and Aqualish dominant. We know they have 1 company of Stormtoopers, and no sign of resistance against the Empire. We’re given a U-Wing transport and cold weather gear. They don’t have any underwater gear on hand for us.

Shadowport Sales

The ex-Imperials brought some TIE fighters with them when they left. Cy-rus wants to sell them off. Loran suggest we wait for the Greymalkin, which can carry that many ships, and we’ll head to Standdown to sell them off.

Pazzak and Cy-rus make the deal, and soon we’re heading into hyperspace. Cy-rus takes the helm of the U-Wing, with Loran on Nav. Cy-rus starts to get nervous as we get close to our destination, saying that there’s nothing here. Loran smirks, and kills the hyperdrive, arriving at Kla Sado.

Loran brings the team to Wilks, the recruiter that the Pirates dealt with to sign up. We get a reference to Xak-sho, a shipwright in the area. Wilks is also looking for electronics, class IV droid processors and weapons tech. Loran buys some slicing equipment and a comm jammer from Wilks.

We meet Xak-sho and Cy-rus makes the deal for 200K credits. He even gets 20% up front, which helps when Pazzak asks for transport fees.

Niam gets recognized by some gang members. Apparently they were friends of the Dreadwing Pirates, that were taken out by the Imperials. One of them keeps tailing us as we’re shopping around, but discovers that he can’t use his comm to contact the others. What a shame.

Back on Mission

Shopping done, we board the U-Wing and head for Albinine. Upon arrival, we avoid the docking fees by setting down outside the yard proper.

Taking in the city, we start looking for good places to foster the Rebellion. Loran gets a good feeling about the University, and heads in that direction. The ex-Imps look at the other pirates, who shrug and follow.

Cy-rus approaches the receptionist and tells her that we’re the main speakers at a function. Apparently we’re not on her list, because an alarm sounds and 4 Stormtroopers appear from behind a security door. Their security cameras are focused on Niam, and they open fire, set to stun. Cy comes dangerously close to earning himself the callsign “Debbie” during the brief, but loud firefight. We can hear sirens approaching.

A scruffy looking student calls over to us and tells us to follow him. He leads us down to sublevel 2, through tunnels, and then back up after 4 or 5 blocks. Eventually we arrive in a hidden server room with other students typing away. Zuz introduces himself and welcomes us to “The Grid.” Apparently they’ve been gathering intel, looking for damning evidence against the Imperials to make the locals rise up. Unfortunately, even footage of our firefight won’t make much difference.

After some discussion and cross-referencing, we find that there are transports arriving in the middle of the ocean, accessing an ocean elevator. Seems in need of closer inspection.

The Point of No Return

In the days since Banks' defection, Overkill and Convict have been interrogated many times over, but seem to have managed to sell the "I knew nothing about it" story. They are finally allowed to rejoin the rest of the squadron, who have all been grounded since the incident at the race. Everyone is tense, morale is low and there is a palpable sense of discontent. Terrenbash is more present and influential than a COMPNOR agent should be. Word comes down that the 53rd is on standby, and should be prepared for sudden take off. The Captain is talked into allowing K-O to pilot Bank's T.I.E. in her absence so the Squadron isn't shorthanded. A bit of reprogramming for flight combat, and a secret tweak to prevent him from firing on "Imperial Assets" in case Convict and Overkill end up fighting the rest of the squadron.

Meanwhile, at the Rebel hideout, Banks gets her sales pitch to officially join the Alliance. They would like her to bea symbol. Celebrity Imperial racer publicly joining the Rebellion will be a potent image. Banks makes sure she won't be a puppet like with COMPNOR and the safety of her family is also discussed before she accepts. Afterward she checks to see if her comlink to the 53rd is still actve, and it is; not much is said, but the message is received by the whole squadron and that's when everything kicks into high gear.

Soon after it's announced that the Rebel hideout has been discovered and the 53rd is ordered to scramble. Overkill ducks out to try and still some unedited footage from Terrenbash's archive. Ternnebash is gearing up and heading to the hangar, so Overkill is able to get in, do some rewiring of the command permissions on 5K and get the footage he wants loaded in to 5K and they both head to hangar. Convict meanwhile tries to mess with his transponder in case of defection, and it ends up totally borked. 

The 53rd is accompanied by two troop transports, one commanded by Tarrenbash, who intends to make quite a show of eliminating this rebel cell.  The Rebels launch as much as they can to cover an evacuation. When the order to engage is given, Overkill spins his bomber and fires on one of the troop transports. After brief confusion, Overkill has 5K open broadcast the footage he stole. A Jedi woman being murdered by imperial troops and an unseen force user while trying to defend children. She is told "You couldn't prevent us from taking your own children, did you think you could protect these," before she is killed. The children are then gunned down. Triple immediately spins and also begins firing on the troop carriers.

Many threats and arguments are screamed through comms, but in the end both troop transports are shot down, the rebel escape is covered and the entire 53rd flies escort for the rebels. Convict is commed by his father, Admiral Rus and given an unltimatum which he refuses.

The 53rd speaks with the Rebel officers.Overkill admits that the Jedi in the vid he broadcast was his mother.  Some are hesitant, but in the end all agree. Our old call signs are discarded, We're Renegades now, and the former 53rd sets to the task of preparing for a new mission.

Race Day

Preparations for the swoop race are in full swing.  Racers and their crews are arriving. We receive news that The Formidable, Imperial flagship of the Tantra sector, will be in atmo stationed above the race due to Admiral Rus and Moff Zyre being guests of honor watching the race. The 53rd is going to be in full dress uniform acting as an honor guard, aside from Banks who is participating in the race.

We suspect there's a big setup happening. Our best theory is that something bad is going to be done to Banks during the race, and it will be framed up as a Rebel attack on an Imperial poster girl; thus allowing for declaration of martial law and whatever retribution the Imperials wish to inflict.

Banks gets Tarrenbash to allow Convict and Overkill to be part of her pit crew for the race. We head in to meet the rest of Banks' crew, and are surprised to find that her brother Toben is the entire crew. Toben is a genius mechanic, and a little shy on the social side, but Convict and Overkill like him and don't take long to start being bad influences.

The trio explore the premises of the track to see if they can spot any traps, likely ambush spots etc, as well as Banks getting the lay of the track itself for the race. While returning from this, they see Banks old rival, Tyron, speaking with the Rebel captain they had encountered previously. Banks approaches and has a short chat while Canvict and Overkill hang back.

After the race begins, Overkill and Convict spot a group of Rebel soldiers sneaking  onto the grounds and heading for the building where the Moff's VIP box is located. The two of them make sure Toben can handle Bank's race needs alone and then bolt after the Rebels. When they catch up in the building, they try to convince the Rebels that it's a trap. They have no chance at actually killing the Moff and their act will be used against the whole planet. Convict does most of the talking; Overkill sets off a fire alarm,  hoping that now any guards are on high alert the rebels will give up. The Rebels finally relent, and leave. Convict and Overkill leave from a different direction, but see the Rebel squad all dead, bodies surrounded by stormtroopers. All a trap, they never had a chance.

Meanwhile, Banks wins the race, and hearing the announcement of a Rebel attack, Tyron speeds off. Tarrenbash's voice comes over comms demanding Banks catch him, as he's a Rebel. Tyron wrecks on the other side of the Wall. With an AT-ST approaching she's torn as to what to do. Overkill and Convict go on private comms and tell her to go, they'll make sure Toben is safe. She loads Tyron on her swoop and peels out.

Convict and Overkill haul ass back to the pits. They quickly arrange for Tyron's crew to smuggle Toben to as safe a place as they can think of, and give Toben a blaster just in case. With that taken care of, Convict has Overkill punch him in the eye to make a cover story that Tyron's crew took him out.

When they report to the VIP box as instructed, they find that Tarrenbash is wearing the Moff's uniform. It was a decoy, the rebels died for nothing. Tarrenbash is in full gloat, and congratulates everyone for a successful elimination. He then starts demanding answers about Banks, and the cover story is given. He buys it for now but implies more questions will be coming. Convict gets sent to medical for his eye. Overkill has had enough of Tarrenbash and decks the smug little prick and gets sent to the brig.



Plotting a new Course

Running Hot

The Xesh Pirates are docked in Standdown, recovering from injuries, and many are pissed by the interference by the Tase’kona cell of Rebels. They must be working with smugglers to get supplies. Captain wants us to find out who’s supplying them, and what info we can use against them. Won’t sell out to the Empire, as they can’t be trusted.

Gremlin asks around Standdown, and figures that the Rebels don’t have a raiding party collecting for them. If there are smugglers supplying them, they are likely to be going through Standdown and the Event Horizon cantina. There’s been no mention of the Tasse’kona being discovered.

We do some shopping and modifications to gear.

Cruising Speed

Denjo’sang pirate crew is in harbor. They’re hanging out in Marganave's Respite, a resort and casino made out of an derelict warship. Still spending their winnings. Shunga the Hutt is only organized crime. Stargazer sits down and starts playing and chatting. Things we ran into the Vasa’kona Resistance. Formidable is only Star Destroyer, lead by Admiral. Heard about Resistance on Kolamar, Thyre, Relgar, but they don’t seem connected. Rumors of a Rebellion with an army moving into the Outter Rim. Proclamation of the Alliance to restore the Republic. Could be next Clone Wars? Star Destroyer over Jedda City. Could be a few smugglers that would take those jobs. Stargazer ends up 50 creds before they leave.

We head to the Event Horizon, popular smuggler bar. Leshan, the waitress, is still working, and looking tired. We order something at a central table, and start eavesdropping on the conversations in the bar. Pair of Sullistans in spacer jumpsuits and jackets, talking in broken Sullisteese. They recently arrived from a successful run, how much they made, prospects on repeat business, something about Codinine system.

System is a few over from Thyre, in Tantra sector. It’s on the hyperlane, vacation location, lots of resorts until centuries ago started an ice age, ruining the business. Towns dried up and abandoned. We learn that on of them is Captain Sumastan. Killjoy also learns that Leshan is owned, not indentured.

As night starts to fall, we shadow them back to their ship, an old Ghtroc 720 freighter, the Arclight Venture. They get ready for a night on the town, and head out, leaving a droid watching the ship. We override the mechanism to the ramp onto the ship, as we enter, we hear the droid coming our way. (1 Conflict) The droid is a B2 battle droid, who levels his arm blaster at us. Gremlin offers to take off his restraining bolt, which he accepts. Gremlin disables the restraining bolt, and replaces it, and he’ll know when a signal is sent to it. They delivered medical supplies to a resistance cell in town Folkserg, landing field in a gannok disk stadium. Negotiated contact with a Drabatan on Standdown. We try to break into the captains quarters to read his log, but get locked out.

We’ve heard of a Drabatan merchant in Gimi’s Bazar, could be the contact. After some time, we find the merchant, Pelgior, selling salvaged electronics. Gremlin buys some materials to help with armor crafting. The others try to talk him into a job. He brings us into the back room, and activates a white noise generator. He’s running supplies to Codinine, needs discreet deliveries. Medical supplies or refugees. When he learns that we’re part of Clan Xesh, he gets curious. Why are we looking for this kind of work? Why are we pirates? He tells us more about the alliance, and they’re looking to build up resistance gradually, and need pilots, and raiding ships. He stresses the invitation to us, whether we can bring the Greymalkin and pirates with us or not.

Reading Charts

Gremlin works on his armor and talks to Bulwark about joining the Rebellion against the Empire, and wins him over. Killjoy talks to Blaster, who doesn’t like the reputation they have from spacing people, but he won’t go against the boss. Stargazer talks to Pazzak, suggesting forming an alliance, backed by funding, and becoming privateers. Stargazer and Killjoy talk to Broken and get him on board.

We wait a few days and meet up with Pelgior again. He’s started work on researching Gremlins’ family medical issues. The alliance is hesitant to utilize us, due to our reputation. They’re interested in discussing the matter in more depth. Attack Imperial targets, sometimes as part of a larger group. Paid per assignment, contract negotiated as per difficulty, 50,000 minimum for taking the mission. Bonus pay potential if actual thread is greater than expected, factoring in losses by crew (material and personnel). Material acquired would be divided equally between alliance and Greymalkin crew, Greymalkin 25% of material acquired, beyond that purchase may be negotiated. Captured ships will be paid 25% of ship value in credits, ship goes to alliance. Alliance resources, medical facility, safe worlds, political assistance.

Coming About

We bring the offer to the crew. Winters is visibly annoyed about us going behind his back. The vote goes down, and Blaster speaks up, coming in on our side. Winters anger abates, and becomes undecided. Pazzak takes Winters away to talk for about 40 minutes. When they return, Winters comes out a little relaxed, and more determined. He agrees to take the contract, much to Ravages annoyance. She threatens Killjoy, and storms out. Blaster and Detonite go off to celebrate. Broken congratulates us.

Killjoy heads to the Event Horizon to buy Leshan’s freedom. Josco says she does the work of three people, and worth 75,000 credits. Killjoy puts down a credstick for 100,000. Josco fires Leshan, she throws away her tray and hugs Killjoy, wanting to leave immediately (1 Conflict).

Exchanging the Konas
Clan Xesh Session 3, or I told you so...

Heading to Thyre to start the bidding war for selling the Jewel of Kona between Da’kona Consortium (with Empire) and the Vala’Kona Sect in exile (against Empire).

Stargazer navigates the Greymalkin close to the planet Thyre, well out of range of the Imperial defenses. We head to Koral port, which is built in concentric rings of city types, main roads heading out like spokes on a wheel. Buildings are largely olive drab colored stone.  We land in an air field of tarmac. No one comes out to greet us, but we still have to go through customs. Weapons laws allow melee and light blasters, but rifles are fined and recorded. Gremlin and Stargazer get pistols from the armory.  Local time is 14 hour days broken into Shifts.

Religious Sector

Pazzak takes Stargazer, Killjoy, and Gremlin to find the Vala’kona during First Shift. Stargazer starts heading in a direction, and we exit the merchant area, and into the religious sector. Reincarnation plays a major role, imagery of one older, one younger. Older helps remind younger of their memories. Together they nurture the teaching of Whills, and balance to the Order.

We wind up in front of a temple. Gremlin takes a look around for a computer terminal, sneaks into the head librarian office, and starts poking through a computer. He finds records of catacombs under the temple, and tells Stargazer about them. There are communications about random meetings at the tomb of the Vala’konas, at different gravesite. Tombs cover a huge area with over 60 mausoleums, one for each previous Vala'kona. Timing of the meetings makes them unlikely to be pilgrimages. Gremlin leaves a backdoor into the system to come back later.  Stargazer can't find an entrance to the catacombs around the temple.

Killjoy talks to a priest about the religion. They are mourning the loss of the Tasa’kona, when the Empire came just over a decade ago. Assassin killed the Tasa’kona, evidence proved Vala’kona was behind it. When they find the Tasa’kona, it may start a religious civil war. Killjoy brings up that outsiders might be able to find proof. Killjoy gets a feeling the priest is being cautious and guarded against outsiders. Priest returns inviting Killjoy to meet with someone at the Tomb of Catacombs in City of Nigh’Kona. We receive a card with time and place written on it, Tomb of Cenden, 8th hour Shift 3.

Tombs of Kona

We’re currently at end of Shift 1.  Pazzak reports in. Winters has a meeting next Shift. We rent a 6 person landspeeder to get out to the meeting area. About a 6 hour drive. Around 5 hours we see lights of a city in a lower land area, with a vast area of stone structures uphill above. Double moon lights it pretty well, lanterns and torches light paths to the tombs. Around 100 speeders parked here. We head up early to scout the area. Street vendors. There is an old woman shouting at pilgrims with religious dogma. Tombs are made of the same olive drab stone, but many of them are colored or have murals.

Stargazer finds himself seated in a cockpit of a fighter in hyperspace, nav computer is turned off. He pulls the brake, and returns to normal space. He’s just navigated through a trinary star cluster, and found a Star Destroyer under construction. He calls in a fleet for a strategic strike. Admiral Raddus comes over the comms…  The rest see him slump to the ground. He complains about not enough sleep, and being affected by the strange planet cycle.

Killjoy is walking, and suddenly hears a snap-hiss of a weapon, and a red blade comes swinging at him. A figure in black armor, with slit visor with burning red eyes behind it. “That doesn't belong to you…”  The others see him flip and defend his head. He thinks it may have been a vision of his ancestor getting attacked.

We find the 32nd tomb of Cenden. There are advisors entombed with him. We take a look around the inside. We find a secondary door in the back corner with an alarm (emergency exit). The closest other tomb is the 17th. We looks passably interested in a few other tombs on the way back down. We check into a hotel. We wake up to hear Pazzak getting a report from Winters. The offer is up to 4 million, but probably need to deliver within the next few Shifts. We have an hour before the meeting in the tomb.

The Setup

Stargazer and Gremlin hide in the Tomb 17, while Killjoy and Pazzak go into 32 to negotiate. A Thyressian security guard enters. When Pazzak makes the offer, a squad of stormtroopers and an officer duck into tomb 17, the officer is on comms. They fail to notice the two hiding there. Gremlin puts out a silent emergency comm to Killjoy. Killjoy notices that the backdoor alarm has been disabled. He tells Pazzak, “FUBAR,” and she draws on the security guard, putting him down.

The emergency door opens, allowing a squad of Stormtroopers into the tomb. Pazzak takes a hard shot. Killjoy stims Pazzak. The officer in 17 sends out the troopers. Gremlin and Stargazer shoot the Officer, relieving him of his comlink. Officer shoots Stargazer in return, and flees the tomb.

Pazzak draws her second blaster and fires on the troopers. They return fire, hitting Pazzak. Killjoy pops out a frag grenade and lobs it at the troopers outside, killing one. They return fire, hitting Killjoy. Stargazer shoots the Officer again. Gremlin tries to put feedback into the stormtroopers comms, but uses our comms to do it, giving us feedback as well. The old crone from the walk up walks up into the area. The Stormtroopers outside start to shoot at something we can’t see in another direction.

Pazzak kills her first Stormtrooper, and tosses one of her pistols to Killjoy. Killjoy shoots at the troopers outside. Troopers inside follow to continue firing at Pazzak, another hit and she’s stumbling. Gremlin puts down the Officer. Stargazer kills one trooper, injures another. The Crone invites us to run towards her. Stroopers hit Stargazer.

Pazzak kills 2 Stormtroopers inside. Killjoy shoots a trooper in the back of the head. Pazzak is dropped. Gremlin stims Pazzak, but she’s still out. Stargazer shoots the last trooper outside. The Crone lays hands on Pazzak, and she wakes up. Gremlin grabs a rifle and takes out the last trooper inside. The crone tells us to follow her.

The Vala'kona

We head to the 57th tomb. The Crone lays her hand on a sigil and the sarcophagi opens revealing a stairway down. There are natural catacombs that have been updated and connected as well. As we walk, some of her face changes, and appearance improves. About 15 minutes later, there’s a larger chamber, with supplies and furniture. She takes out a medical kit and treats all of us.

She identifies herself as the Vala’kona.  Pazzak makes her an offer for the price of 5 million.  She doesn’t have access to that many credits, but the followers could arrange 5 million credits worth of Tibanna gas. Pazzak walks off to get a signal out to Winters. We talk with the Vala’kona about why we’re working with pirates, and what we want.  She intimates that there may be other options in our future.  Pazzak comes back and accepts the offer, and we depart. We grab a different speeder and head back to the Greymalkin.

Planning the exchange

Meeting of entire crew is called. Consortium raised the bid to 8 Million. Winters also learned there is a 1 Million bounty on the Vala’kona.  Plan is to Stun the Vala’kona and turn her in. In 2 Days, deliver kid and Vala’kona to Consortium.

Surface Thoughts:

  • Winters – Money
  • Pazzak – Money, but some concern for kid
  • Bulwark – Armor
  • Broken – worried about kid, getting out of Clan
  • Blaster – Retire with Detonite
  • Detonite – Money and part (not with Blaster)
  • Ravage – Buying off Bounties

Stargazer brings up the fact that the Imperials have already broken faith with us and the ambush at the tombs. He investigates the flight tower, and finds that we’re on a watch list. After everything else, the ship has likely been scanned, and they know our numbers, and where the kid likely is.  Winters assigns Broken, Bulwark, and Pazzak to move the kid to another location. We discuss where to have the exchange. Invite Vala’kona half hour before to get it all done quickly.

Stargazer comms to the Vala’kona to warn her about the double cross, and to bring in support in the ensuing conflict.

The Exchange

Vala’kona arrives, and we Stun her down (1 Conflict for Stargazer). She is put into the speeder with Bulwark and the Tase’kona.

Reprentatives from the Consortium arrives 30 min later. Winters makes the offer to the Consortium, and requests the bounty for the Vala’kona as well. A small case is brought out. They set down a case of money. When Broken opens the case, a stun grenade goes off in his face, dropping him. Stormtroopers pop up on the roofs of the buildings.

Trooper launches a missile at our vehicle. Gremlin shoots at the missile launcher, which goes off, forcing him to ditch it before it blows. Winters auto-fires at the Consortium in front of him. Blaster rockets over behind the troopers on the roof, dropping one. Consortium fires at Winters, hitting. Trooper with a light repeating rifle opens fire at Winters, disarming him. Stargazer shoots at the light repeater, and disarms the Trooper. Killjoy tries to move the truck down the alleyway, but gets stuck on the turn. Consortium fires on Winters, hitting. More Troopers arrive from a building in the back. Another group of cloaked individuals with rifles emerge next to Winters, and open fire on Consortium.

Killjoy gets the truck into the alley proper, then runs for Broken, shooting a Trooper down in the process. Cloaked figures move and open fire on Ravage, still holding the Vala’kona, hitting her. Troopers on the roof hit Killjoy. Consortium leader falls back into the truck, the others close in on Winters, hitting him. Winters autofires back, dropping the three of them. Ravage drops the Vala’kona and charges the Cloaked figures. Bulwark runs off to the van with the kid. Stargazer runs up, shooting at the Troopers on the ground, killing one, and drags Broken toward the truck. Troopers return fire on Stargazer, hitting. Blaster kills 2 troopers on the roof. Blaster gets shot, but is still standing.

Gremlin clears the Troopers off the roof. Cloaked figures knock down Ravage. Troopers shoot Winters, he goes down. Bulwark enters the van with the kid. Blaster rockets to the street, shooting the stormtroopers, taking out one. Killjoy runs for the smaller case (1 Conflict), shoots the last Trooper on the street. Stargazer gets Broken into the van, and get behind the controls. Ravage kips up and kills 2 Cloaked figures. Trooper retrieves his light repeater. Killjoy shoots at the trooper with the light repeater. Cloaked figures drop Ravage and head for the Vala’kona.

Stargazer tells Bulwark and Blaster the kid isn’t worth it, Bulwark tosses him casually out the back. Light Repeater fires at Killjoy, narrowly missing. Killjoy jumps into the other truck and takes off. Stargazer pulls off, and Bulwark reaches out to pick up Ravage as we drive by (the truck may have driven over Ravage a little). We meet up with the Greymalkin, which is coming in hot with TIE’s on it’s tail.

Leaving Thyre

6 TIE Fighters, 2 TIE Interceptors

Interceptor 1 hits Stargazer, Interceptor 2 hits Gremlin, frying some circuits. Killjoy fires a missile. Stargazer goes evasive. Killjoy’s guided missile misses again.

Interceptors miss Stargazer and Gremlin. Killjoy shoots at Interceptor, destroying it. Greymalkin is hit by the TIE’s. 3 TIE’s close on Killjoy. Stargazer shoots into the TIE’s on Killjoy, breaking up their pattern. Gremlin takes out the second Interceptor. Greymalkin takes out 2 TIE’s.

TIE’s fire on Stargazer, hitting. Killjoy takes out one TIE. Stargazer takes out another TIE. Gremlin misses the last TIE fighter. Gremlin calls back for us to catch up.

Last TIE misses Killjoy. Gremlin takes out the last TIE.

We head back for the ship. Killjoy checks the case, and it has a credstick with 1 Million Credits (2 Conflict for Killjoy).


Winters and Ravage are in the infirmary. Winters is extremely annoyed. We set course for Stand Down. Ravage recognized the Cloaked figures, as part of a Rebellion that’s standing up against the Empire across the Galaxy. She suggests we start raiding them.

Shore Leave
Imperial Session 2

Banks, Convict and Overkill have shore leave so are wandering Gold Sea City looking for some good eats, and information on the demeanor of the locals. They come across a squad of Stormtroopers lining up a group of locals for a random search. The stormtroopers brusquely demand ID from the pilots, Overkill returns the attitude demanding ID from the squad leader. The pilots stand by as the search is conducted, contraband is found on one person, and a second makes a break for it.  The pilots bark orders to the stormtroopers to utilize stun settings, and they do. There is a brief interrogation before the two prisoners are carted off and the pilot’s search for food resumed.

They find a restaurant that had been recommended, but it is full of off duty Imps and tense staff and it’s decided to find lunch elsewhere. They explore a open air marketplace, talk to troopers on duty and settle in at a local caf stand. The non-humans that run it are nervous about Imps walking in, but Overkill talks about familiar things from growing up on Colamar with them to ease them and the pilots get a good gauge on what local feelings are like; seems the Empire is gentrifying non-humans and non-rich further out of the cities. Understandably, much of the populace isn’t feeling very good about this.

Setting out to explore more of the city, the squadronmates hear an altercation and upon investigation find a hijacking of an Imperial supply transport in process. The hijackers fire on us, so the fight is joined. Banks nabs a de-piloted swoop and gives chase to the stolen transport while Convict and Overkill mop up the rest of the hijackers. Eventually banks gets the better of the transport and wounds the driver pretty fiercely causing a crash. She has a conversation with the only survivor, expressing sympathy for their cause and that we wouldn’t have engaged if we didn’t have to. She allows the rebels to keep the stolen provisions and heads back to join the others.

An alarm comes in from the flight base and the pilots have to rush back and get airborne. Rebel fighters incoming. The 53rd engages, and the rebels begin bombing residential areas. Highly suspect. Significant damage is done. We manage to shoot down the attackers, but not before banks is shot down as well. She manages to eject, but we can’t get to her in a fighter so have to land.

While Convict and Overkill are recovering banks, we see a hurt child calling for help, and reflexively follow him into an alley and get ambushed by rebels. We’re bagged and dragged to a “talk”. Banks actions have caused much curiosity with the rebels. Offers are made. Banks is ready to defect, but can’t because of circumstances. Convict and Overkill both have reasons to not defect, but won’t interfere. The pilots are released.

We have a swoop race to prep for.

The Arclight Job
Clan Xesh Session 2

Eventful Evening

Clan Xesh is on leave on the shadowport of Kla Sado.  We do some shopping in Gimy’s Bazzar.  Gremlin wants to make himself a personalized tool kit, and Stargazer buys some materials for new armor.

We hear about the Dreadwing Pirates causing enough problems for the Imperials that the security on shipments was increased.  This lead to the Dreadwings main ships being taken out.

While Gremlin is working, Stargazer and Killjoy head into the Event Horizon bar to get the word on Thyre.  The night crowd hasn’t showed up yet, but it’s still busy.  An Aqualesh tends bar barking orders in Huttese.  There are a couple of beings wearing similar insignias being loud and obnoxious by the dancing girl stage.  They’re picking on the waitress, a Caamasi, pouring drinks on her, tripping her up.  This starts to get under Killjoy’s skin.

Stargazer chats with a Nautolan about Thyre.  There are two gas giants in the Thyre system, ripe for tibanna gas mining.  The D’kona Consortium is all but giving the gas away to the Imperials, as an effort to “spread peace” throughout the galaxy.  It’s known that there is an Imperial Dreadnaught Cruiser and 4-5 squads of TIE’s in system for security.

Having had enough, Killjoy heads over to the obnoxious crowd at the stage.  He grabs a tray of drinks, “slips,” and drops something on one of them.  He takes immediate offense, and is surprised when Killjoy doesn’t back down immediately.  After a quick reminder from the bartender, they agree to take the matter outside.  Stargazer chimes in that he wouldn’t miss this, and falls in chatting with the two Transdoshan crewmates.  Everyone knows that fighting is illegal in Brawlers Bay, just as everyone knows that only matters if you don’t get caught.  Gremlin runs into us on the street, having stopped working long enough to realize he was starving.

The Black Corsairs take us to an out of the way place, where the fight is hidden from view because they’re in a small valley.  Everything starts off well enough, with some encouragement from above, both the fighters trade some blows with just their fists.  Until Killjoy lands a shot in the Corsair’s vitals.  The Corsair draws a vibroknife, and makes it clear he’s going for the kill.    At this point, the Transdoshans are seething, and preparing to join in.  Stargazer reminds them of the history of their crew, and the Transdoshans back down, letting him fend for himself.  After a few exchanges, the knife hits the ground, and the Corsair goes for his pistol, nearly taking down Killjoy.  Killjoy responds by bringing his Carbine to bear, and stuns the Corsair into the dirt.  The Transdoshans give proper respect to Killjoy, saying that they’ll leave the waitress alone from now on.

Killjoy heads back to the Event Horizon to let the waitress know what happened.  Her name is Li’Shan Feremi and she’s a slave to the bartender.  Killjoy gets the feeling that she’s tried to escape a few times, and has been severely beaten after getting caught.  He promises to come see her again in the future.

The Heist

Winters calls us all back to the Greymalkin.  We discuss what to do with the child Tasa’kona, and everyone gets a say.  In the end, it’s decided to ransom him back to his people, but try to make a bidding war happen by offering to both factions of the Sect of Kona.

Winters has a new job lined up.  Thanks to the Dreadwings getting pinched, the Hexaway crew was looking for another group to help with a raid on an Arclight Pleasure Cruiser.  They need our snub fighters to take care of the security fighters.  Teaming up with Hexaway and the Denjosong’s, we’re splitting the raiding rights up between us (we get the aft dockside, approximately 106 cabins and suites).  Anyone who resists is to be shot/killed.  Imperial response time is expected at 8 hours, we’ll leave at 7 hours.  Expected take is XXX credits.

Starfighters are to wait in the nebula and radio when the cruiser arrives, then engage the security fighters.

Stargazer does some research on the Cruiser line.  The Anduras has about 5400 passengers and 900 crew and staff.  It travels through the sector on a stellar beauty tour.  It has 6 starfighters for defense, and blaster cannons for defense and debris.  Hyperdrive x3/x16.

We wait for 21 hours in the nebula.  We get a little nervous about how the three of us are supposed to intimidate such a large ship.  We figure out some ways to try and appear like more ships.  We spread out within the nebula, and Stargazer lights some of the gasses on fire to look like thruster engines flaring.  (2 Conflict) The cruiser launches all 6 starfighters, TIE fighters with a matching paintjob to the Anduras.  Fortunately, they come at us 2 at a time.  Despite a handful of minor collisions, and Killjoy having to repair his ship from a short shutdown, we take them all out.

We land on the Greymalkin and take 30 minutes to repair our ships, just in case.

We grab some repulsors sleds and start raiding suites at the top floor.  (2 Conflict)

Winters comms that they’ve found 2 allied pirates dead.  By the time we’ve gotten our first load back to the Greymalkin, he’s found 3 more dead in a different section of the ship.

Stargazer checks the manifest to find a better target.  He finds Malara Finall, a Corporate Magnate of the sector, daughter of Gorobos Finall.  Private industry providing relief efforts and medical care where needed.  Rumors that Gorobos is in with the Imps, but the daughter is not.

Reports that Broken has been hit and Detonite is down.  Winters goes over the PA system of the ship and threatens to space hostages if the troublemaker doesn’t stand down.


As we head towards the Finall cabin, we see a well dressed human turn the corner, with flecks of blood on his clothes.  Refusing to surrender, he instead closes a blast door, and escapes down a turbolift, leaving a flashbang grenade behind for Killjoy to find.  Gremlin brings the turbolift up at the human, but he escapes into the 5th floor before getting crushed.  We report in his location and head for the next available lift.  Stargazer gets a flash of the human heading for the Greymalkin and gives a description to Pazaak, who’s guarding the ship entrance.

Over the PA, Winters tells the troublemaker this is his fault, and spaces some hostages.

When we get there, Pazzak is down, and the Greymalkin’s engines are spinning up.  Blaster comes speeding around the corner on his jetpack.  The four of us get on in time for the doors to shut behind us.  Gremlin overrides the doors, but Bulkhead can’t get his side open in time.  The Greymalkin pushes off from the Arclight.

We send Blaster to the bridge to keep the human busy.  The rest of us head to engineering to disable the engines.  Out the viewports we see bodies and debris drifting in space.  We reroute power, but before we can finish, we’re interrupted by V-3TO, the Imperial Droid, entering the area.  The droid sprouts blasters from his arms and starts firing.  The engine takes a stray hit, and the area is flooded with heat.  V-3TO is taken out, and Gremlin tends to the engines.  Just in time for the hyperdrive to spin up, and we jump.

We head up to the bridge, and find Blaster has been taken out (again).  We fail to surprise him, but in the end, Killjoy stuns the intruder down.  Gremlin sees to Broken, and we drop out of hyperspace.  Stargazer plots a course back.  Broken wants to kill the human, but we talk him out of it until Winters talks to him, and to give Detonite a chance to get a little payback.  Surprisingly, the Tasa’kona child is still in the brig.

Upon our return, Winters calls for the Clan to bail on the heist early.  Once we’re underway, he takes the three of us aside and tells us he’s very impressed.  We came back for them, and that’s worth a lot to him.


The human is ISB Agent Vascal Demeres.  He was on the Anduras to investigate Malara Finall.  He offers us 40,000 credits from his discretionary funds to release him with the intel he acquired from her suite.  We look through his data cards and find financial records.  There are large donations being made to questionable charities in the Rilgar system.  We agree, with some protests from Broken.  We add on that Demeres gets a punch in the face for our trouble.  We head to a nearby planet with a Holonet linkup.  Winters and Bulwark secure the transaction, and Winters uses his cyborg hand for the clincher.

Winters gives each of us 10,000 credits as our cut of the heist.

The Jewel of Cona
Clan Xesh Session 1

Lying in Wait

The Greymalkin lies in wait in the ice chunks of a planet, Tabistal 7, near a blue super giant star. Gravitation anomalies make it hard for smaller ships to come through in hyperspace, but it's a great shortcut that saves a day of travel by hyperlanes. Some consider it worth the risk of piracy.

Most of the Clan is on board the Greymalkin.  Stargazer, Killjoy, and Gremlin are piloting the Clans three starfighters.

An Imperial Gozanti Armored Transport arrives. Captain Winters confirms that it's carrying the cargo we're waiting for, the Jewel of Kona, and orders us to engage. The transport has 4 TIE fighter escorts, which are left to the starfighters to handle.

TIEs close to Medium range. Stargazer and Gremlin close and Gain Advantage, moving behind their targets. Greymalkin advances and fires on the Gozanti Transport. Killjoy fires but misses at one of the engaged TIEs.

The TIEs break away from Stargazer and Gremlin, but stop evasive maneuvers.  Gremlin and Stargazer fire and both take out their targets.  The remaining TIEs Gain Advantage over Gremlin and Stargazer, and move into their blindspots.  Greymalkin moves into Short range of the Gozanti, fire between both continue.  Killjoy moves into the dogfight and destroys the TIE on Stargazer.

Killjoy takes out the TIE on Gremlin.

Stargazer remembers the Jewel of Cona comes from the planet Thyre's religion that has lasted for millennia.  It’s a mantle worn by highest of religious order, Tassa’Cona.  He gets a feeling that the mantle is on this transport.

Winters orders the fighters to attack the Transport.  Gremlin closes and fires torpedoes, taking out the engines.

The Imperial Transport opens fire on Gremlin with side quad lasers, hitting.  It also fires a torpedo into the Greymalkin.  Stargazer fires torpedoes at the Transport, giving it power fluxuations.  Greymalkin moves to flank the Transport.  Gremlin moves past the Transport, moving next to Greymalkin, and repairs his ship.

The Imperials fires both broadsides, Greymalkin on starboard, and both fighters on port, doing minimal damage.  Gremlin fires a torpedo and the Imperials start to drift, loosing target locks.

Winters orders everyone to the boarding shute and moves to dock.  A lifepod ejects, carrying one living Thyresian.  Stargazer grabs the beacon and trajectory to track it later.  Winters orders us to board and flank the interior resistance.

Boarding action

The fighters dock with the dorsal of the Imperial Transport and climb up the entry ports.  Killjoy and Gremlin on starboard, Stargazer on port.  They hear blaster fire towards the aft.

Eighteen Stormtroopers are firing at the pirates boarding from the Greymalkin.  Gremlin and Killjoy move through the halls finding themselves in a storage room.  Bulkhead, Blaster, Ravage, moves in on the Stormtrooper formation.  Pazzak takes a shooting position behind cover.  Stargazer sneaks up to a control room by the bridge and slices through the Theta level clearance to gain entry, tripping an alert in the process.  A trio of Stormtroopers move to investigate the alarm, and shoot Stargazer.

Broken takes a hit and goes down.  Stargazer shuts the door on the Stormtroopers and then vents the docking hatch beneath them, one gets sucked out, hitting the manual override on his way out.  Killjoy snipes at the back of some troopers from behind a computer console, taking out two.  Bulkhead tosses Broken behind him.  Gremlin covers Killjoy, taking out a trooper.

Ship power stabilizes and comes back online.  Troopers fire at Gremlin and Killjoy, missing.  Killjoy takes out another 2 troopers.  Gremlin takes out the last one in the corner.  Bulkhead grabs 2 troopers by the helmets and cracks them together, dropping them.  Blaster flies over the Troopers and shoots them in the back.  Ravage cuts her way through one group, Pazzak treats Broken, Winters arrives on the scene.  Trooper Sgt enters the code for the control room door, but Stargazer shimmies through an air duct before they can come in.  The troopers lob a grenade in after him, knocking him out.  Gremlin rolls up behind the Lt, and kills him.

Troopers move to guard the control room, and confirm Stargazer's condition.  Gremlin moves to check on Stargazer, and hits the trooper.  Ravage and Winters take out a squad, Bulkhead and Blaster take out the last of them.  The large doors to the bridge slam shut.

Troopers in the control room take cover and return fire at Gremlin.  Gremlin kills one trooper, Killjoy takes out the other.  Pirates advance on the doors to the bridge.

Gremlin moves to the control room and opens the large doors, revealing a Trooper Sergeant with a light repeating blaster.  Killjoy shoots the Sergeant, distracting him.  Blaster flies into the bridge, and shoots Sergeant in the back.

Sergeant returns the favor to Blaster, stunning him.  An officer shoots Blaster.  Gremlin goes through the air duct and stim’s Stargazer back to consciousness.  Pirates advance on the bridge, while Blaster flies out of the hot zone.  Stargazer comes around the corner and shoots an officer dead.  The officer calls for a surrender, and Winters knocks him out.

Bittersweet Victory

The survivors are brought down to the brig.  After some medical treatment to each other, we start looking for cargo manifests and access to the captain’s quarters.  There is no mention of the Jewel of Cona.  Lots of medical supplies, weapons, munitions, surplus.  Pretty good haul, but not what we're after.  The passenger lists a Tassa’Cona.  Winters orders Stargazer, Killjoy, and Gremlin to go planet-side, find him, and take the jewel or kill him to take the jewel.  We gain some gear upgrades and medical supplies, and head for our ships.

Planet-side Pursuit

The three of us head to the planet following the escape pod beacon.  It’s in a rocky barren plain, rocky mountains to the North, rolling hills to South and West.  Stargazer finds tracks heading North.  We follow them North into the mountain and find a series of caves.  After some work, we find the tracks and follow them deeper in.  The area is warm and humid, ceiling is dripping moisture.  When some six legged badger-like creatures ambush us.

They knock us around and try to get on top of us.  Some quick moving and teamwork kills the critters quickly.  Just in time for three more to come around the corner.  What the critters don't see, is a large worm emerges behind them, and devours one of them immediately.

We run.  The worm finishes off the creatures and comes after us.  It closes from Long to Short.

Gremlin shoots the worm, giving it something to remember him by, and sprints to Medium.  Stargazer tries to figure out how the badgers hide from the worm, but can’t concentrate.  Killjoy shoots but it bounces off its hide.  The worm gets caught in a tight tunnel and can't advance.

As we come to a section of open cave with a bubbling pond in it.  We run along a small ledge, but the worm climbs on the wall to avoid the “water.”  Stargazer shoots the worm, taking out a tentacle and sprints to Medium.  Killjoy misses the worm while it’s climbing on the wall.  Gremlin tries to shoot the same spot on the worm as before, but misses.  Killjoy lags behind at the shoreline.

Killjoy stops at the edge of the pond, and entices the worm to come at him.  The worm charges, knocking Killjoy into the boiling water with it.  Killjoy is scalded, but jumps out quickly.  The worm struggles to back out of the water, and we clear out while it does.

The Jewel of cona

When we slow down, Stargazer looks around and “finds some more tracks”.  Eventually we come across an area with light flashing, we hear voices talking, and identify a protocol droid.  Coming around the corner we see an Imperial protocol droid (VT30) and a child in green robes.  The child is the Tasse’cona.

Sect of Cona, also called the Dacona Consortium, has a belief involving the Force within others.  Many followers have had crisis of faith and strained devotion.  Tasse’cona is highest ranking of Consortium, 62 of them in history.  They are reincarnated and prove themselves through a specific testing process.  Last known was assassinated 10 years ago by Valacona, radical group, during peace talks with the Empire .  This child was found and spirited away until it was safe to return and heal the damage of his people. 

We reach the ships and call in the situation.  Needless to say, Winters is displeased.  We head back to the Greymalkin.  We escort the prisoners to the brig, and the child sits meditatively.  We discuss options with the Captain and crew.  Stargazer butts heads with the Captain a little about how they could use the child to fight the Empire.  Eventually Detonite heads to the guns to destroy the Transport (with the Imperial crew still in it).

We head to the shadowport, Kla Sado, to unload some of our spoils.  We each get 2000 credits for our share.


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