Jet-pack loving daredevil


Blaster is a gloryhound; a jet pack wearing daredevil that is addicted to going fast and causing havoc. He original hails from a mountainous colony world where he first learned to use a jet pack to travel around the valley where he grew up. Blaster took more and more risks with his flights, including speeding through narrow gaps, buzzing main streets, and skirting dangerously close to speeder and starship traffic. Eventually, one of Blaster’s antics startled someone on a ledge and they fell off. Blaster tried to save the person but he couldn’t catch them before they hit the ground and died.

Blaster fled the colony world ahead of system police forces and lived on the streets for several weeks before encountering Clan Xesh. Winters needed more muscle for his crew, and a rocketing daredevil could be useful in some situations. Blaster likes the excitement that being a pirate brings, along with the influx of credits. He’s hesitant with causing actual harm to the pirates’ victims, preferring situations where the targets of their attacks surrender and cower rather than try to fight back.

Since joining the Clan, Blaster has began a casual romance with Detonite, the two spend much of their down-time together as situations allow.


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