Admiral Gar-Rus

Middle-aged Imperial Admiral, greying beard, haggard features.


Fleet Commander of the 2nd Squadron of the Tantra Sector Fleet

Admiral Gar-Rus was happy with his command in the Colonial Region. He was a model Admiral, having served in the Empire since it’s inception. Rising through the ranks to command the Formidable, and then on to his own attack squadron, Admiral Rus had a brilliant career ahead of him.

He and his wife had one child, a son. Rus hoped that the you boy would follow in his footsteps and become a great officer like his father. All that changed when his son Cy-Rus was charged with piracy. Gar’s world came crashing down around him as his only son would be convicted and sentenced to death. With his wife pleading with him to do something, Gar pulled in every political favor he could to have the charges reduced to lesser crimes, and his sentence changed to mandatory service in the Imperial Navy. As a cost of these favors, Admiral Rus lost his prestigious command and was instead assigned to a backwater sector in the Outer Rim. They couldn’t take away his rank, but his son’s indiscretions cost Gar his career.

It is unlikely Gar-Rus will ever be promoted further, and the chance of him being reassigned to a more important position is minimal.

Admiral Gar-Rus

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