Tall, athletic, risktaker, romantic companion of Wyre


A skilled mercenary, gunslinger, and gambler, Pazaak has a near-perfect skillset for space piracy. She serves as Winters’s right hand and confidant. Winters and Pazaak have been working together for seemingly forever, having started the Clan Xesh Pirates several years earlier. They used to do smaller jobs and heists together until Winters acquired the Greymalkin. Once they had a ship that could be turned into a raider, they expanded the pirate gang to properly crew the transport.

Pazaak is cold and ruthless, but sensible. She epitomizes the ideal of “conservation of action”, preferring to act only when required and to maximize any potential “effort-to-profit” ratio a situation allows. She has no problem with piracy, or with murder, but she won’t kill needlessly; there has to be a larger benefit to killing someone than not before pulling the trigger.


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