Agent Rafa Tarrenbash

COMPNOR Agent - Lanky, dark in color, piercing blue eyes


Handler for Niam Pryde

If someone were to look up “COMPNOR Agent” in the Galactic Dictionary, a picture of Agent Tarrenbash would appear next to the definition. He is the pinnacle of Imperial Propoganda, an exemplar of the Empire’s edicts and expressions. Dedicated to promoting the New Order, Tarrenbash has been assigned to the Tantra Sector to find ways to increase Imperial recruitment efforts and to counter the growing dissidence in the sector. To that end, he has found a popular racer that he was able to manipulate into being a figurehead. Parading her around the sector on press junkets and documenting her impressive piloting skills, Tarrenbash enjoys using Flight Officer Pryde as a tool to quell uprisings and advertise Imperial superiority within the region.

Agent Rafa Tarrenbash

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