Psychopathic and sadistic close quarters specialist


Ravage has served on many pirate crews in or near the Tantra Sector over the past few years. Many pirate captains and crime lords know of her reputation as a fighter, but also as a killer. They’re willing to hire her on for short periods of time but generally consider her too much of a liability or an unknown to keep her around very long. Often she’ll be hired to join in with crews for specific jobs and then let go. That changed when Captain Winters came around looking for more pirates for his crew. He needed a skilled raider, and can’t afford to not have Ravage to help keep the Greymalkin in operation.

Of all the Clan Xesh Pirates, Ravage may be the most dangerous. The shistavanen is a terror in close-quarter battle, utilizing a variety of blades and bludgeoning tricks to inflict harm. She doesn’t always kill her opponents, but she does enjoy inflicting harm on others. Good with a ship-board weapon but better with a vibro-knife, Winters often has to reign in Ravage when he doesn’t have time to let her blood lust get the better of her.



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