Wyre Winters

Tall, stocky cyborg leader of the Clan Xesh Pirates


Very little is known about the cyborg known as Wyre Winters. Most rumors put him as a veteran of the Clone Wars; which side he fought for is unknown and often up for debate. What is known is that he is well trained, versed in all areas of personal and vehicular combat. He also has infiltration and demolition proficiency, and has had experience leading small groups of specialists on missions. He has made quite a name for himself in the criminal underground in the Outer Rim, eventually amassing enough of a fortune to acquire and modify a C-ROC Gozanti-class light cruiser. Stepping up his game to piracy, Winters started gathering a diverse crew of pirates to form a very successful raider force.

Winters has little compunction about taking what he wants or needs to survive. He is detached and methodical, but not sociopathic or psychotic; Winters thinks about the consequences of his actions and weights them against getting what he wants. More often than not, he will come up with a plan that maximizes the potential for a profitable raid that requires the least amount of bloodshed. Even so, many times Winters has found it useful to execute a victim or two in order to intimidate others into following his direction.

Wyre Winters

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