Astronavigation Data: Thyre System, Tantra Sector, Outer Rim Region

Orbital Metrics: 688 days per year /  14 hours per day

Government: Imperial Governor (Hastan Othara), Parliamentary Theocracy (The D'kona Consortium)

Population: 988,750,000 (88% Thyresian, 8% human, 4% other)

Language: Thyresse and Basic

Terrain: Scrublands and vast seas

Major Cities: Olasan, Nigh'kona, Kiralport

Areas of Interest: Temple of Zum Zwan, Standing Pillars of Cazor, Tomb of the Valakonas

Major Exports: Tibanna gas

Major Imports: Heavy machinery, media

Trade Routes: 

The Thyre sysem is an important one for the Empire in the Tantra Sector. The native Thyresians are near-humans who's ancestors came to Thyre millenia ago aboard great sleeper colony ships. When a Republic survey ship rediscovered the system 3,000 years ago, they found a theocratic society devoted to their faith, but willing to work with the galaxy at large.

The Thyressians are near-humans, with bronze skin and dark hair. They tend to be stocky individuals, a by-product of Thyre's heaver gravity, and have skin that blotches in near-symetrical patterns. Many followers of the Sect of Kona shave their head except for two strips of hair, which they grow long and style into braids and corn-rows.

Two of the planets in the Thyre system are gas giants with large deposits of tibanna gas. This made the system an important one for the Republic, and then the Empire. The people of Thyre have been mining the gas for generations, and know the tricks to find the most bountiful harvests of gas. The Empire has done much to foster good relations with the Thyresians, but it has been difficult. The Thyresians have a theocratic society who follow the religion known as the Sect of Kona. Much of the teachings of the Sect are rooted in the Ancient Order of the Whills. Since the Whills are connected to the Force, and many of the Jedi Order's dogma was adapted from the Journal of Whills, the religion is technically illegal in the Empire. However, the Empire cannot afford to simply outlaw the religion and alienate millions of workers who are mining tibanna gas for the Imperial War Machine. So, for now, the Empire allows the Sect of Kona some latitude in order to keep the masses appeased and the tibanna gas flowing.

The main issue comes from the Vala'kona, the religious head of the Sect. He is living in exile for speaking out against the Empire from day one of it's foundation. The Empire tolerated their objections until protests began, which halted the work flow. The Empire attempted to arrest the Vala'kona, but he was able to escape thanks to his followers. The D'kona Consortium negotiated a peace with the Empire, but on the day the terms of the peace talks were to be announced, an assassin killed the head of the Consortium, the Tasa'kona. The Empire investigated and found evidence that the assassin was hired by those in exile with the Vala'kona. Many followers of the Sect did not know what to do; the Tasa'kona and the Vala'kona are beloved by many, but for one to plot to assassinate the other is unheard of in the history of the Sect. The Vala'kona has proclaimed his innocence, but has not been able to provide proof to counter the evidence the Empire has of his implication. Additionally, several members of the D'kona Consortium have sided with the Empire, causing a division within the Sect. The D'kona Consortium is now engaged in a search for the Tasa'kona's reincarnation, a task that is normally that of the Vala'kona. It is hoped that when the Tasa'kona is found, they will be able to unite the Sect of Kona and true peace will return to Thyre.


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