Tantra Sector

Tantra sector was in the Metharian Nebula Territories near Elrood sector. Over 10,000 light years across, the sector contains thousands of systems, several of them with habitable worlds.  The Rimma Trade Route runs through the "southeast" corner of the sector, and the "northwest" corner lies a short distance from the Hydian Way. This accessibility to two major trade routes brought many colonists to the sector over the millennia.  Many of the planets near the trade routes that are habitable have been colonized and have grown over the years. Further in towards the center of the sector lie many smaller colony worlds, as well as vast expanses of space that have yet to be explored.

The sector seceded from the Galactic Republic shortly before the Clone Wars together with Elrood sector, Danjar sector and Sluis sector, effectively blocking the Rimward leg of the Rimma Trade Route from Republic shipping. After the end of the Clone Wars, the sector eventually was brought back into the Republic's successor, the Empire. The Emperor has appointed Moff Killen Zyre to the region. Since his appointment, Moff Zyre has begun to exploit the vast resources of the region for the benefit of the Empire. He has brought many worlds that were once independent (or allowed to govern themselves) into the Empire proper, and has established garrisons on many worlds that were deemed to have "questionable loyalties". This has led to protests across many worlds, which in turn led to a stronger military presence.

Most of the Tantra Sector Fleet is currently stations at Tantra and several other key worlds in the Sector, either to protect the resources of the world or as a symbol of Imperial might to quell any uprisings. Several hundred ships still move throughout the sector, alone or in pairs, to patrol the spacelanes in the face of Pirate attacks, such as those from the Clan Xesh Pirates.

There have been reports of a new threat to the lanes, an organized force that doesn't target trade ships, but instead is targeting the Empire's assets. What this organized rebellion hopes to accomplish with these risky attacks is unknown.

Tantra Sector

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