Tantra Sector Fleet

The Tantra Sector Fleet is the cumulative force of Imperial warships assigned to maintain peace and order within the Tantra Sector. The fleet is ultimately at the beck and call of Tantra's overseer, Moff Killen Zyre. In practice, the fleet is spread out across the millions of cubic light-years of space that the sector occupies.

  • The Sector Fleet is composed of over a thousand ships, divided into 4 smaller fleets (designated 1st through 4th Fleet.
  • Each Fleet is further divided into six System Force Groups

    • Two Force Superiority Groups - defend and attack worlds and hostile fleets
    • Two Force Escort Groups - patrol and protect space lanes, space installations, and smaller inhabited planets
    • One Force Technical Services Group  -technical and mechanical specialists and their ships
    • One Force Support Group  – material supplies and transport
  • System Force Groups normally consist of 4 Squadrons composed of 4-24 ships

2nd Squadron, 1st Force Escort GRoup, 3rd Fleet, Tantra Sector Fleet

One of the newest squadrons in the sector, the ships of the 2nd Squadron operate out of the Colamar system; a moderately populated world in the Tantra sector. Totalling 17 warships, the 2nd Squadron has a typical Imperial composition of two attack lines, a skirmish line, and a recon line. The squadron is commanded by Admiral Gar-Rus aboard his flagship, the Formidable. Admiral Rus is a new appointee to the 2nd Squadron, and assigned to quell the pirate attacks in the 2nd Squadron's deployment zone.

The First Attack Line has a full starfighter wing at it's disposal, split among the three cruisers. Almost all of the ships in the Second Attack Line carry a small compliment of TIE Fighters to augment their defenses, except the Overwatch, which maintains four full squadrons of assorted TIEs, and the Rising Star which does not carry any starfighters.

  • First Attack Line

    • Formidable, Victory I-Star Destroyer (Flagship), 24 starfighters
    • Caladine, Dreadnaught Heavy Cruiser, 12 starfighters
    • Malvolo, Vindicator Heavy Cruiser, 36 starfighters 

  • Second Attack Line

    •  DaggerfallArquitens-Class Light Cruiser, 6 Starfighters
    • Interceptor, Arquitens-Class Light Cruiser, 6 Starfighters
    • Vespine, Carrack-class Light Cruiser, 4 Starfighters
    • Chiron, Carrack-class Light Cruiser, 4 Starfighters
    • Rising Star, Pelta-class Frigate
    • Overwatch, Quasar Fire-Class Cruiser-Carrier, 48 Starfighters

  • Skirmish Line 

    • Axila, Blackrock, Tyvern – Raider class Corvettes
    • Johnto, Oratoc, Xadar Fields – CR-90 Corellian Corvettes

  • Recon Line 

    • Starsweep One and Starsweep TwoReconnaissance-class Light Cruisers

Tantra Sector Fleet

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